There isn't much to consider here except dosage.
If you wish to use doses of less than 500mcg it would be best to use 2ml (200 units) of water.
If you wish to use doses of 500mcg or more then you can use 1ml (100 units).
This allows you to accurately measure doses while not having to inject more fluid than required.

First, gather your supplies;

1Vial of Melanotan

1Vial/ampule of Wwter

1Insulin syringe

1Alcohol swab


1Take your Melanotan vial and pop off the top of the vial to reveal the rubber stopper. Wipe with the swab.

2If using bacteriostatic water, pop off the top of the vial (if applicable) to reveal the rubber stopper. Wipe with the swab.

If using sodium chloride, twist off the top of the ampule

3Next insert a syringe into the vial/ampule and hold it upside down.

4Withdraw your water and inject it slowly into the Melanotan vial aiming at the side, not the powder. This make take several attempts based on the size of your syringes.

5Place in the fridge for a few hours or overnight while the powder dissolves, you can swirl or tilt the vial to help. Some residue may remain.



Sun exposure is recommended to start off slow to ensure that a tan develops before exposing yourself to long intensive sessions. The goal here is to be patient, know the limits of your skin and to never burn.
If you live in a sunny area then you can begin slowly exposing yourself outside from the day you begin dosing. Remember to use suncream if you need it and be cautious.
If you live in an area with low UV exposure or its winter you can visit the sunbeds once or twice weekly, depending on your goals. Normally 5-10 minutes is adequate, again follow the advice above and don't push it too far.

Once you have reached your desired level of tan then you can enter what is known as the 'maintenance phase'.
Although the level is different for most people it levels out at around 500mcg every 3 or 4 days and a sunbed session with every or every other dose.
This will allow you to maintain your tan through winter without much work.

If you notice at any point you're becoming darker, reduce the dose. If you notice you are getting lighter, add in an extra dose or take up the second sunbed session if you didn't already.

Side effects
Generally the side effects fall into the mild category, however, there are a few side effects which can be severe but you should only encounter these if you are overdosing.
If at any point you believe the side effect to be severe, check you didn't overdose. If you didn't then lower your doses slightly and see if that rectifies the issue - your body will react differently based on many things such as an increase/decrease in weight or hormones.
If they still do not subside then discontinue use. If problems persist then seek medical advice.

The most common side (from about 50mcg onward) is facial flushing. This is an antibody response to a foreign body and will subside quickly. Generally the effects become unnoticeable after about a week of usage.
Most of these effects can be mitigated by antihistamines.
Anything listed below in 'common' is fine to experience, you should keep checks on moles and freckles, though.
Anything in the 'uncommon' generally means you've overdosed. You can try lowering your dosage or inject half as much twice a day, spreading out the absorption of the peptide.
Although people class nausea from MT2 as a common thing, it really shouldn't be. Generally, this is because people dose too much too fast.
You may get a slight unease but if it is unbearable to experience through the day, lower your dosage. Injecting before bed is the last resort but can be an effective way of minimizing nausea if you have no other options.